Large sized batch equipment

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Large panel/seet PCB and mass production

VIA Series system

MaxVIA System / ProVIA system

Large substrate compatible mass production processing apparatus aimed at saving space

VIA series system is the equipment which made desmear and the gold plating preprocessing of a large printed circuit board the main purpose. Correspondence to flexible board is possible by this equipment's combining standard rack cart system and substrate installation jig. Half of footprint including an area necessary to maintenance is below more than equipment before an old PCB series, but excellent composition is achieved in the maintenance very much. This system is equipped with a touch panel PC of Windows base in operation. With the ModVIA series, the processing area can be selected according to the production volume.

VIA Series Specification Comparison Chart
Specification / models MaxVIA ModVIA ProVIA
Footprint 1652W×2445H×1747D(mm) 1652W×2445H×1747D(mm) 1652W×2445H×1747D(mm)
Enable processing area
(Per cell)
1118D×610H(mm) 1118D×610H(mm) 762D×610H(mm)
The number of processing cell 13 3,5,8 13
RF power 10kW 5kW 5kW/10kW
Gas control MFC Standard:3(Maximum Number of MFCs:5)
Control System PLC, touch screen interface
Vacuum pump Dry pump / mechanical booster pump (built into the device housing)
Equipment weight 2330kg 1776kg 1776kg