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Terms of Use

This website is maintained by Nippo Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Nippo Electronics”) to provide information about our products, sales activities and support.

Persons using this website (referred to as “users”) are considered to have agreed to the following conditions.


Information on this website (texts, illustrations, pictures and videos, etc.) is, except in specially mentioned cases, protected by Copyright Act and other treaties and statutes.

Therefore, beyond the scope of private use of information permitted by law, users may not engage in any unauthorized use of such information.

Users are also prohibited from using information on this website for commercial purpose such as commodity advertisement and sales.


Users are prohibited from the following acts in connection with the use of this website.

  • Actions bringing disadvantage or damage to Nippo Electronics or a third party, or that pose a threat of doing so.
  • Criminal acts and deeds linked or possibly linked to criminal acts.
  • Actions involving false registration, declaration, or notification.
  • Any other actions judged inappropriate by Nippo Electronics.


Although security measures are provided with minute attention, Nippo Electronics cannot guarantee to rule out any possibilities about errors of information including a case caused by force majeure such as falsification by a third party.

Please use this website with your own judgment and responsibility. Nippo Electronics is not reliable for reparations for any losses incurred by using this website. This website includes contents, links, other information posted by third party that is beyond our responsibility and its translations made by us.


If you have any questions about this website, please contact us from “Inquiry” form.