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Hardware Development

We provide total solution covering High Frequency Radio Communication, digital signal processing using DSP and FPGA, firmware, logic circuit, can-making and sheet metal, mechanism design and thermal analysis.

We have gained many customers’ trust from various fields for our technological strength and high-quality works.

We can help clients from trial manufacture to mass production design and development but also manufacturing, inspection, installation and maintenance.

Digital Broadcasting Equipment | RF Communications Technology Development and Design | Embedded Software / Firmware | Image Compression and Transmission | Mechanism Design | Thermal Analysis

Hardware Development Field

These can be customized or sold as Nippo Electronics standard products.

RF Communications Technology Development and Design
  1. Transceiver Device
  2. Specific Low Power Radio
  3. RFID
  4. Radio Wave Source Detector
  5. Digital Modulation and Demodulation
    GMSK・64QAM・OFDM・Spread Spectrum・Error Correction ・Linearizer
  6. PLL Synthesizer, VCO
  7. Up / Down Converter
  8. Phase Sensitive Detector
  9. Various Filters
Digital Technology Development and Design
  1. Digital Broadcasting Equipment
    Digital Image ・Digital Voice ・Automatic Sending
  2. Image Compression and Transmission
    Video Monitoring ・Video Delivery ・MPEG
  3. Communication Control Equipment
    Systems and Peripherals ・INS ・TCP/IP ・LAN
  4. Interfaces
    PCI ・VME Bus ・USB
  5. Measurement Control Equipment
  6. Embedded Software / Firmware
Mechanism Design / Thermal Analysis