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1. Radio and Signal Processing

Elemental Technologies Signal Processing and RF Technology
Digital Signal Processing Technology (A/D, D/A, FPGA, DSP)
RF Microwave Component System Technology
Firmware Technology

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Prevent terrorism technology at home and abroad of the airport
"Bottled Liquid Checker"

2. Video / Voice / Transmission

Elemental Technologies Broadcasting System Technology (Software, Voice, Video, Control)
Image Recognition Technology
Video Digital Signal Application
Image Compression Transmission Technology
Image Conversion Technology
Transmission System Technology
Image Compression Technology

3. Data Processing

Elemental Technologies Encryption Technology
Error Correction Technology (Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, BCH)
DSP Software
Windows-related System
Windows-related Application technology

4. Software Technolog

Elemental Technologies C, RTOS, HTML, VB, VC++, Database,C#,JAVA

5. Structural Design

Elemental Technologies Rack and Panel Design for 19-inch Rack System
Various Mounting Unit Housing Design and Three-dimensional Simulation Thermal/Strength Analysis
Pressure-proof Vessel
Resin Housing
Waterproof/Drip-proof /Dust-proof Casing Design

6. Industrial System Technology

Elemental Technologies
Electrical Design
Machine and Transportation System Design
Control Unit Design
Switchboard Design
Sequence Program Design
Machine Control Program
Production Lot Data Management
PID (Feedback) Control (Pressure, Temperature)
Motor Positioning Control, Speed Control
PC Program Design (Software)
System Situation Monitoring Program Design
System Control Setting Program Design
Data Management
Data Exchange between PLC
Data Exchange and Communication between the host CPU
Elemental Technologies
Sales of Power Source and Gas Control Device
Nordson March’s Products
Advanced Energy’s Products
Hitachi Metals’ Products
Elemental Technologies Maintenance for Various Products

7. Inspection Technology

Elemental Technologies Testing, Inspection and Maintenance for Various Products

8. Production Management Technology

Elemental Technologies Procurement, Processing and Product Manufacturing of Materials