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1. Purpose

Nippo Electronics Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of information security and tries to protect information assets in order to gain trusts of customers and society through our business as Total Electronics Engineering, which comprises development, manufacturing, and sales of hardware and software products.

2. Ensuring Information Security

We properly protect information assets related to our business and especially related to customers or borrowed from customers from leakage, loss, and illegal use, and we establish and continuously develop Information Security Management System (ISMS) to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

3. Building the Information Security System

We establish ISMS of which the center is Information Security Committee, and the committee watches and proposes activities related to conservation and improvement of ISMS including continuation of our business.

4. Continuous Development of Risk Management

We carry out a risk assessment of information assets and continuously improve risk management by taking proper measures to deal with the specified risks.

5. Precaution and Management of Information Security Incidents

We take precautions against information security incidents; once an accident happens, we will promptly make the corrections to prevent the recurrence of the case.

6. Employees' Responsibilities and Obligations

  1. Nippo Electronics Co., Ltd. makes employees understand the importance of information security and carries out the education and the training necessary for comprehending and keeping the appropriate protection of information assets.
  2. Employees comply with requirements of laws and rules about information security and fulfill security obligations under contracts.
  3. If an employee commits any act violating the information security policy, he/she will be subjected to disciplinary action under office regulations.