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Project Flowchart

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Project Flowchart

  • Sales Dept
  • Hardware System Design Dept
  • Software Design Dept
  • Industry System Dept.
  • Production Dept Overhaul sect
  • Production Management Division
  • Quality Management Division
    • Meeting
    • Suggestion

    Our technical sales staff hear customer's demands. Then,they provide suitable solutions and support the customer from the making of the plan.
    (We accept manufacturing only as well.)

    • Order

    We design the system that the customers are content with its schedule and scale.

    • Plan & Development

    After the specifications are fixed, we start the actual development.

    • Manufacture

    Each phase from a basic plan to overhaul, we tdo reviews with the customers in order to improve its quality. We try to achieve satisfying golals.

    • Overhaul

    The customer check the completed product again, and then the delivery is done.

    • Shipping
      & Explanation

    We deliver the documents regarded to the product.

    • After

    We will sincerely support the customers after the delivery.