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Advanced Energy's power supplies for generating plasma

Advanced Energy's power supplies

Nippo Electronics Co., Ltd. is an official agency of Advanced Energy Japan K.K.

Advanced Energy's power supplies

Plasma process scene - such as sputtering or plasma CVD · dry etching - We offer many types of high-voltage power supply such essential.

From DC to RF, has a variety of output specification lineup, it allows the high-power, yet compact design.
Such as semiconductors, flat panel and recording media and electronic board, it will always provide the latest technology in a variety of device fabrication field.

Other products
Mass Flow Controller
Advanced Energy Japan K.K.
  • Optical Fiber Thermometers
  • Remote Plasma Sources (RPS)

Hitachi Metals's MFC and more

Mass Flow Controller AERA Series/SAM Series

Nippo Electronics Co., Ltd. is an official agency of Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Mass Flow Controller

From high-tech industries such as semiconductors and electronic device field to various large plant business, it has been adopted in a variety of fields. High-precision fluid control performance and high reliability, to achieve a stable supply of process gas. Also enhance high temperature specification that corresponds to the liquefied gas. In the digital control type we have aligned also models equipped with multi-gas, multi-range system of state-of-the-art technology.