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For integration into automatic production lines, for immediate processing

Atomflo600 System


The Atomflo600 is designed fir high-volume,in-line manufacturing

The Atomflo600 atomospheric pressure argon plasma system is ideally suited for in-line cleaning and activation of materials prior to bonding. The plasma produces a beam of reactive atoms that etch away contaminants on the surface all the way down to the atomic scale. The compact, lightweight plasma head, together with the low-voltage,radiofrequency power, make it safe and easy to integrate surface treatment into any assembly line. The beam of reactive atoms is low temperature and 100% electrically neutral.It treats metals,glass,and plastics equally well. It will not damage sensitive electronics, or thin film polymers, such as polyethylene. An in-line production system can treat many milions of parts per year at a cost of ownership of a few cents per part.(<$0.05USD)



Atomflo600 System specifications
Item Atmflo600
Dimensions(WxDxH) 440W×640H×230D(mm)
Weight Approximately 43kg
Electrical supply 110-240VAC,50-60Hz,1500W
Maximum RF power 600W ±3%
Operating pressure range 40-100
Primary gas: Argon
Process gases: Oxygen,Nitrogen,or Hydrogen
Atomflo600 Replacement plasma head specification table
Specification / models 50mm 100mm argon-minibeam
Appearance 50mmhead 100mmhead argon-minibeam
Enable processing area W50(mm) W100(mm) φ2(mm)
distance from the materials 2~4mm
Maximum RF power 300W 600W 160W
Other notes 25mm,75mm available -

Surfx machine is 【here 945K
Argon minibeam is【here
Surfx Website is 【here